New Year

I had time today to write about what we did in my Saturday KG-ESL class. But why am I feeling the sudden impulse to throw these ideas out into the open? Well, first of all, this isn’t some well-guarded secret formula, nor is it a treasury of protected copyright creations. Over the years, I have been getting ideas from wherever I could find them and incorporating them with my own. Someone once said: “If you’re a teacher and you aren’t stealing, then you’re doing it wrong.” Yeah, right! So I guess I’m not doing so bad, after all?! I benefit much from the information available on the net. I do a lot of grabbing, copying, changing, modifying… whatever works! But there’s one thing I haven’t done much – SHARING. So here’s hoping this post won’t be the last.

Topic: New Year

Gather some old and new things , drawstring bag, “London Bridge” instrumental music, letter and number cards

Get a pair of old and new objects, show them to the kids and ask them to name it. Talk about the objects describing them as old or new and using other simple adjectives to compare. Have them repeat after you: ex: old pen, new pen
Do the same with the other pair of things…

Put all the objects in the bag. Without peeking, take out an object and ask students to say if it’s old or new. Have them repeat the phrase. Then ask volunteers to draw out an object and describe it. Let the class repeat the correct phrase. Do the drill with 2-3 more volunteers (or with everyone in a small class).

Play: Hot Potato Game
Put all the objects in the bag. Pass the bag gently in a clockwise direction. Play “London Bridge” as background music, or just have kids hum to the tune tapping their lap.
At the end of the song, the student holding the bag will draw out one object and say the target phrase: old pen, new pen, etc… Do this until the bag is empty.

Teach kids the ‘Happy New Year’ song to the tune of “London Bridge.”
*first verse © by
I added the second verse to apply the OLD and NEW words introduced in this lesson. Feel free to play around with the lyrics for an easier and more fun teaching-learning experience.

Happy New Year!

Now we have a brand new year
//brand new year//
Now we have a brand new year
It’s 2014!

Old year’s gone, new year’s come
//new year’s come//
Old year’s gone, new year’s come
Happy New Year!

Put the letter cards h a p p y  n e w  y e a r  and numbers  2 0 1 4  on the board.
As a review, ask students to name the letters and numbers.
For beginners, simply say the letters and numbers one at a time and have them repeat after you.
And finally, read the phrase together.

Art /Craft: New Year Banner (see sample template)
*this will do better with a little more creativity – and I leave that to your imagination.

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